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Baseus Bowie E8 True Wireless Earphones


SKU: 7476264042667-baseus-bowie-e8

Product Highlights



True Wireless Earphones Bowie E8

*Short handles and side in-ear design
*0.038 second delay(AV Synchronization)
*Flash charge in 10min(listen to music for 2h)
*Positioning and search via an app
*Professional acoustic tuning
*Wear and play(Take off and pause)

Mini Short Round Handles, Comfortable Design

The round light earphone handles with ergonomic streamline design make the earphones fit the ear perfectly and comfortable to wear.

mpact of Different Delay

>0.1s:Slight delay can be detected by people with high sensitivity.
0.06~0.1s:Low latency will not affect normal use.
<0.06s:Imperceptible delay can improve audio-visual experience.

Imperceptible Delay Like Wired Earphones

Low latency mode is available for game players, which reduces the delay as low as 0.038s.

Flash Charge in 10Min, Listen to Music for 2H

Type-C flash charge enables to charge the earphones to 80% in 10 minutes and listen to music for over 2 hours.



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