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Baseus Dynamic Eye Compact Air Inflator Pump for Cars


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    • Input voltage: DC 7.4V


    • Input: 5V/2A


    • Current: 6A Max.


    • Power: 45W Max.


    • Charging time: 3h±0.5h


    • Battery pack: 18650 x 2, 2000mAh each


    • Pressure gauge range: 5-150PSl(display flashes when exceeding 150PSl; exceeding 150PSI may damage the sensor, support pressure up to 120PSI]


    • Operating environment temperature: -10℃~60℃


3 Months Warranty


    • Pressure gauge range 5-150PSI(display flashes when exceeding 150PSI; exceeding 150PSI may damage the pressure up to 120PSI)


    • Operating environment -10~60°C


    • Compact As small as an adult’s palm, easy to carry around.


    • Multi-purpose
      Not only can it inflate cars; also suitable for bicycles, electric cars, basketballs, etc.


    • Wireless inflation
      It comes with a battery, no need to connect a charging cable when charging.


    • Monitor tire pressure through the digital display
      It can detect the tire pressure intelligently, and show it on the digital display clearly to prevent tire blowout due to excessive tire pressure.


    • Preset tire pressure, stop when full
      Tire pressure can be set according to requirements, and inflation can be automatically stopped when tire pressure reaches preset levels.


    • Integrated storage
      The inflatable tube can be wrapped for hidden storage, and the inflatable nozzle and other accessories are stored together, making it more convenient to carry and store.



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