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Baseus GaN5 Fast Charger 20W


SKU: 7585884373163-baseus-gan5-pro-fast-charger-20w

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SKU 7585884373163-baseus-gan5-pro-fast-charger-20w Categories ,


  • GaN is defined as a charger that uses a Gallium nitride chip as a source component or a power conversion component. Higher frequencies can make chargers faster, smaller in size, and charge more efficiently.
  • 4 New Upgrade Power
  • conversion increased by 6%, built-in powerful smart chip.- 50% smaller size than the old model, with stacked structure.- Intelligent temperature control system BCT, give you peace of mind to charge overnight safely.- Same color as iPhone: White, blue, purple, black.
  • Small But Powerful
    Innovative structural stacking technology makes the housing of the component more compact and tight. Size reduced by 50%, power density increased by 76%, without compromising power output and cooling efficiency. 
  • Super fast 20W charging speeds up Apple phones, compatible with iPhone models from 8 to 13, charges up to 50% within 26 minutes.
    Intelligent Temperature Control System The
    all-new fully enclosed air-cooling layer and self-developed BCT temperature control technology ensure a 10% reduction in charging temperature compared to conventional chargers.
  •  Effectively lower core temperature to protect device safety while charging.  


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