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Baseus i-wok Spotlight Office Desk Lamp


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Material: ABS + PC

Rated voltage: 5V

Power: 3.8W

Light source: LED

Luminous flux: Greater than 100LM

Color rendering index: 80

Battery capacity: 1800mAh


3 Months Warranty

Precise projection, customized desktop/keyboard light

The flashlight illumination design accurately projects the light source, and then spreads to brighten the desktop area. The light source is soft and even, suitable for overtime office work, dormitory reading, bedroom bedside, etc.

Even light, no eye damage during office / reading

Scattering afterglow to the surroundings in the dark, buffering the light gathering, reducing the burden of using eyes, reading and playing mobile phones is more comfortable

No visual strobe, no blue light hazard

According to research, lights with illuminance values ​​between 300-500 lux are more suitable for eye use at night. Long-term use of light can easily cause eye pain and eye pain. Good lights can relieve visual fatigue

The i-wok series of rechargeable office reading desk lamps have passed the inspection and testing of professional institutions. There is no video flashing and no blue light hazards, providing users with good eye protection

Charge and plug dual-use, multi-region mobile office

No longer limited to a single area to illuminate, portable move to the place you want to illuminate

40+ hours of strong battery life

1800mAh large battery

Customized lighting viewing angle, 120° lamp head adjustment

Focus on the same projection angle, focus the light on books, magazines, computer keyboards, etc., use more scientifically

Double uniform light, bright and eye protection

Uniform lens + uniform light cup refracted and illuminated, so that the light is more uniform and natural, and the light effect is more comfortable

Warm and cold balance, infinitely adjustable brightness

3000K-3700K-5000K color temperature adjustment to meet the lighting needs of different environments

Focus mode, efficient office (5000K)

Reading mode, thinking about creation (3700K)

Sleep mode, soft eye protection (3000K)

Small footprint, placed everywhere

Craft aesthetic design, it looks good everywhere


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