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Baseus Magnetic USB To iPhone Fast Charging Data Cable 1M


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    • Length: 100cm

    • Output current: 2.4A

    • Data transmission: 480Mbps

    • Finish: Aluminum, nylon, TPE

    • Compatibility: devices with a Lightning connector


3 Months Warranty


Magnetic iphone Fast Charging Data Cable

Braided fabric tightly wrapped around the cable provides added protection, flexibility and durability. The design helps reduce fraying and improves durability, allowing you to cope with everyday use with ease.

You don’t have to worry about the entire cable being thrown away with an accidental tug.

The most critical point of each cable – connecting the cable with the plug, has been additionally reinforced with flexible PVC.

Stay organized with the belt

A stylish accent helps not only with the appearance, but also with keeping it tidy. No more messy cables at your desk or reaching for a tangled cable in your bag.


Magnetic design

    • Thanks to the magnetic contacts, you can charge the device without the constant need to insert and remove the connector on the smartphone, risking the tip to break off.

    • The use of the cable is very simple. All you need to do is install the selected tip ” permanently ” in the phone and when you need to charge, only bring the cable closer to the connector – the  magnet will automatically grab the mounted adapter.

    • The magnetic tip  is very strong,  which will prevent accidental disconnection of the device, but it will allow for immediate disconnection in the event of unwanted pulling on the cable. Thanks to this application, you will not have to worry about an unplanned collapse of the phone.

    • The cable supports fast charging up to 2.4A

    • 480 Mbps data transmission.Magnetic Fast Charging Data Cable for iPhone.

    • Faster one-handed cable connection with the magnetic tip and adapter.

    • Compared to traditional frequently connected and detachable cables, the magnetic cable is always attached to the device, preventing port damage or dust build-up. It can play the role of a dustproof plug.

    • The braid strengthens the cable and prevents it from tangling

    • The LED diode informs us about the correct operation of the cable, and also facilitates localization at night.

    • The weakest point between the plug and the cable is additionally double reinforced.


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