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Baseus Mesh Portable Laptop Stand


Product Highlights

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    • Quality Product Fine Details
      Dedicated quality and workmanship, never worry about picking defects from details.

    • Material: PC

    • Process: Injection molding

    • Color: Grey yellow

    • Applicable devices: For laptops below 16 inches


    • Baseus Let’s go Mesh Portable Laptop Stand For Notebook MacBook Computer

    • A4 Paper Size Light and Portable for Taking
      You can always take it whenever you are working at home or traveling outside.

    • Hollowed Mesh Hole Fast and Smooth Heat Dissipation
      The design of honeycomb hollow mesh enhances air circulation and provides more heat dissipation space for your laptop.

    • Comfort Viewing Angle Good Partner for Office Work and Series Watching
      Optional five levels of height to meet the needs of people of different heights, so as to remove the fatigue from the prolonged working posture and timely adjust to new the healthy posture.

    • Five-level Adjustment Unlock New Level
      10°~30° adjustable viewing angle, your screen can be adjusted to a more comfortable angle to help develop good office habits.

    • Steel Skeleton Support Triangular Stability Featured with firm metal support rods fixed in the gear slot to form triangular supports, which are matched with silica gel baffles to form a stable center of gravity and smooth touch.

    • Foldable Portable Storage Design
      The internal support rod can be folded and stored, which enhances portability, flexible for use, convenient and practical.

    • Opening and Closing through Magnetic Attraction Firm without Being Loose
      Open and close through switch and release easily, built-in magnetic iron sheet offers stable adsorption, which is more convenient for storage and carrying.

    • High Adaptation Multiple Purposes
      Adapted to notebook computers below 15 inches, which can be used as a computer holder or a book rack.

    • Resistance Silica Gel Baffle Anti-skid without Damaging Phone
      Thickened non-slip silicone design enhances friction to prevent notebook computer from sliding down, and comprehensively protect your device.


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