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Baseus Portable Vacuum Cleaner 5000pa Suction Power A2


Product Highlights

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    • Main Features: 
      Pick up and use, clean, no need to go
      Easy to deal with all kinds of garbage

    • Wireless handheld
      Without wire ties, you can suck wherever you go

    • 5000Pa instant suction, clean and thorough
      The airflow is pressurized and the suction power is gathered, so the dust and residue are taken away

    • HEPA purification filter
      Professional filtration to prevent secondary pollution, not dirty for a long time

    • Vacuum cup size, easy to hold
      Vacuuming is effortless, cup holders and tabletops can be placed everywhere

    • Can suck and blow
      Comes with a blower hose, so that the dust hidden in the gap can be blown out for cleaning


3 Months Warranty


Two-in-one nozzle for deep cleaning of the gap
Quickly clean cup troughs, windows, air outlets, etc. without leaving a dead end

Flexible cleaning, go out with a “face”
Sufficient power, suck in and out
6000mAh large capacity, 18 minutes long battery life

Appetite is not small, can hold 60ml garbage
Large capacity dust binBaseus CRXCQA2 5000Pa Mini Car Vacuum Cleaner Sale, Price & Reviews| Gearbest Mobile

Easy to use
1. Lift the top cover
2. Push the power button
3. Hold the vacuum cleaner to suck the garbage
4. Special area can be used with suction nozzle and blowing hose
5. Turn the dust cup to take out the dust box and pour out the debris
6. Cleaning is completed, installed and collectedBaseus CRXCQA2 5000Pa Mini Car Vacuum Cleaner Sale, Price & Reviews| Gearbest Mobile


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