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Earldom P2 Universal Tip Stylus Pen


Product Highlights

Product Description

Brand: Earldom

Model: ET – P2

Touch technology: Capacitive

Color: White

Material: Aluminum alloy

Input: 5V – 0.2A (Micro USB)



– This is a product line used for easy touch screen manipulation such as surfing the screen and drawing without having to use the fingertips.

– Its delicate, compact white design makes it easy to carry with you and use whenever and wherever you want.

– The use of monolithic metal material and high-grade powder coating to provide a firmer grip and some compaction.

– For ease of use, this product employs capacitive touch technology that is compatible with all types of screens, including smartphones, tablets, and laptop touch screens.

– A high-end NPC pen that boosts touch response time by 1.5 times.

– The pen body contains a magnetic magnet and is made of high-quality ceramic coated aluminum for durability and maximum bearing capacity.

– Power-saving sensor that automatically disconnects after 5 minutes.


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