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Onten USB+Type C To 7-Port USB Hub UCA9702


Product Highlights

  • Data transfer speeds USB 3.0 up to 5 Gbps,
  • Ultra Slim Extremely light Mini USB 3.0 Hub.
  • Hot-swappable, plug and play, no drivers needed.


Onten 7 Port Mini USB A and USB C data Hub

Onten 7 Port Mini USB and USB C HUB , Hybrid 2 in 1 cable is easily connect to USB C , USB A thunderbolt 3/4,USB 4 devices .

USB interface for expansion devices,with 6*USB 2.0 ports and USB 3.0 , USB 2.0 connect to small printers, desk lamps, wireless mouse keyboard and other devices (USB 3.0 will be used for wireless mouse keyboard 2.4GHz interference, but USB 2.0 does not have this problem). USB 3.0 to connectmemory disk,Removible disk and other devices.

Brands: Onten

Model: UCA-9702

Uplink port: USB C+ USB 3.0

Downlink port: USB 3.0+USB 2.0*6

Cable length :50 cm(1.6FT);

Size : 166*17.2*7.3 mm(6.25*0.67*0.3 IN); Weight : 44g


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