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UGREEN 7-Port USB HUB 30372


Product Highlights

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Key advantages:
– Hub for 7 ports
– usb hub with a long cord (1 meter)
– Ability to connect power
– USB 2.0 connection interface

Keyboards, mice, various chargers, webcams, speakers, and other Bluetooth-enabled devices usually require a USB connection to a computer. But connectors for all peripheral devices, as always, are not enough. The Ugreen CR130 splitter with 7 USB ports will come to your rescue. 

The case of the USB hub is made of durable ABS plastic, which has high performance properties. It has 7 USB 2.0 ports for connecting the necessary devices. A light blue LED indicator displays the status of the USB hub. The hub has reverse current protection, over-voltage protection and instantaneous current protection. Six USB connectors are on the front side, one on the bottom and one additional Micro USB port is on the side of the cable, which we will talk about later.

Ugreen CR130 7 port USB splitter is compatible with laptop and laptop. The length of the connection cable is 1 m. The standard USB 2.0 transfer rate can reach 20-60 Mb/s, which is quite enough for daily tasks. The USB hub is suitable for connecting most modern devices that you need during your work day or at home, such as a card reader, webcam, mobile phone, USB drive, hard drive, keyboard and mouse.

To power powerful devices from the hub, there is an additional Micro USB port. Connect the charging cable to the Micro USB interface and plug the splitter itself into the computer socket. Now you can connect the necessary devices for charging. Please note that the Micro USB cable is not included and must be purchased separately.


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