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UGREEN 2-Port VGA Switcher 30711


Product Highlights

Connector Type Micro USB
Compatible Devices Monitor, Personal Computer
Cable Type VGA, USB
Number of Ports 2



UGREEN VGA Switch 2 In 1 Out Video Adapter Idea for Office Display

With this portable VGA switch, you could share 2 hosts on 1 monitor. Use the switch, for instance, in a conference room where two laptop users can take turns projecting their screen images onto a single big-screen VGA monitor seen by all.

Making Life Easier

This little vga switch makes you don’t need to plugging and unplugging vga cables when you need two laptops share one monitor, it’s plug and play, no any driver or program required, making life easier and saving time.

How It Works

Step 1: Connecting two hosts to VGA 1 and VGA 2 on the switch by two VGA cable;

Step 2: Connecting VGA out to monitor or projector or display or TV;

Step 3: Connecting USB to laptop for external power supply;

Step 4: Selecting the desired source device through the manual switch button.


1.VGA input: 2 x 15 PIN F; VGA output: 1 x 15 PIN M;

2.Resolution: 1920 x 1440 or 1920 x 1080@60Hz;

3.Distance(Max.): 50ft.(15meter) between computers;

Important Notes:

1. This is a VGA switch, which could only switch between two computers by sharing one monitor. Please understand this is just a switch, NOT a VGA splitter.

2. Please kindly connect the micro USB port to offer power for your devices. When connecting the switch with laptop, the startup picture will not be shown on the monitor you used.






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