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Baseus Comfort Reading Uniform Light Flexible Table Lamp


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Manufacturer Baseus
Name Comfort Reading Charging Uniform Light Hose Desk Lamp
Product code DGYR-02
Material ABS+PC+PMMA+Fe
Size 885 mm x 120 mm x 29 mm
Weight 330 g
Color White
Luminous color 4000K
Power 4.5 W
Battery capacity 1800 mAh
Input power 5V
Luminous power >200 lumens



3 Months Warranty





Wireless desktop lamp Baseus

New design without stand makes the desk more free space and gives almost unlimited possibilities for use in different conditions.


Flexible lamp body, ideal for various conditions

The flexible lamp body made of metal and silicone is resistant to damage, and provides illumination at various angles.


No unnecessary desk space

The lamp does not take up much space on the desk, it is compact and comfortable to use.


Up to 80 hours on one charge

High battery capacity (1800 mAh) and low power requirement will ensure long life of the device. The lamp can be loaded with Micro USB cable. It can be used up to 80 hours at low light level and up to 3 hours at high light level.


Color rendering index Ra90

Thanks to the color rendering index up to Ra90, the lamp light reflects the natural colors of objects and surroundings.


Color temperature 4000K

The lamp provides natural light with a color temperature of 4000K for eye protection.


Touch control and infinitely variable light output

To turn the lamp on or off, press the touch panel. After a longer press, the power of the light will change smoothly to suit your needs.



Thanks to the possibility of saving the settings, the lamp can automatically adjust the brightness to the saved level right after switching on.




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