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Baseus Gravity Car Mount Holder For Car Air Vent


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– Universal car holder from Baseus
– Made using high-quality aluminum alloy
– Matte finish that complements the interior of your car
– Comes with five swappable emoticon stickers
– Strong clamp that allows one-handed operation
– The silicone pads provide a better grip and prevent scratches
– Keeps almost the entire display visible
– Compatible with most standard air vents
– Supports most 4.7″-6.6″ phones

The Universal Baseus Cube Gravity Car Holder for your phone  is a must have for every driver, for safe and comfortable travel. The product is easy to install and very compact, which allows you to save from the interior space of your car.

The Universal Baseus Cube Gravity Auto Support is a premium product that offers easy use and allows it to be installed on the ventilation grille. Auto Baseus support is a modern, very compact device, so it does not occupy unnecessary space inside the car. The product, due to its unique design, does not even disturb the aesthetic appearance inside the car.

Shop BASEUS Car Air Vent Cube Gravity Vehicle-mounted Holder Moblie Phone Navigation Car Mount - Black from China |

With Baseus support you can easily carry phone calls while driving and enjoy the safety of your trip.


The Baseus car mount has been made from lightweight and solid materials, ensuring both comfort, safety and the guarantee that your device will be kept motionless while driving.


The product has a wide range of compatibilities and can be used with generously sized smartphones (4.0-6.0inch)




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