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Baseus Stepless Dimmer Mirror Light

 6,500 7,800

SKU: 7281871880363-baseus-mirror-light

Product Highlights



1. Material: ABS + PC

2. Power: 4W

3. Working temperature: 10-40 degrees Celsius

4. Battery capacity: 2200mAh

5. Color temperature: 4000K (natural light)

6. Product size: 319x40x60mm

7. Product weight: 200g


3 Months Warranty

1. Provide users with spatial lighting services

2. Promise dimming, adapt to light and dark environment

3. LED lamp beads with a color rendering index higher than 90 are used to display the real skin condition under the lights, helping you to easily create a natural makeup look

4. The light of the micro-arc crescent lamp body is more suitable for full-face lighting, the light surface is larger, the light is easier to concentrate, and each inch of skin is clearly illuminated

5. Touch the button to call up the appropriate light

6. U-shaped magnetic base fits with the lamp body, with a total adjustable range of 80 degrees up and down to meet the needs of different angles for lighting

7. Large capacity and long life

8. Type-C interface, rechargeable design

9. The built-in smart chip of the lamp body will automatically power off when overcharged and overdischarged, which is safer to use

10. No perforation installation, strong adhesive, lightly press firmly to fit, tearing is not afraid of leaving marks


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