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Baseus A7 Cordless Car Vacuum Cleaner


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Baseus A7 wireless car vacuum cleaner

Take care of the cleanliness of your car. Baseus vacuum cleaner is distinguished by wireless operation, so you can easily and conveniently get rid of various types of dirt. It stands out with its suction power of about 6000 Pa and dust container with a capacity of 500 ml. In addition, the dual HEPA filter effectively separates dirt from the air, and the ergonomic design is responsible for the comfort of use.

Efficiently collects waste

The A7 is equipped with a motor that excels at 68000 rpm. Moreover, it works with a suction force of 6000 Pa, and the 500 ml tank will reduce the frequency of emptying it. In addition, the large double filter blocks up to 97% of waste and prevents secondary contamination.

Convenient handling

Baseus vacuum cleaner guarantees the comfort of use you deserve. The device is distinguished by light and ergonomic design, so you can operate it with one hand without feeling tired. What is more, a convenient button allows you to switch the device on/off and change the suction level (1-2).


This is not the end of Baseus vacuum cleaner advantages. You can also use it to vacuum tables, computer keyboards, sofas and roller blinds. The task will be easier for you thanks to included accessories: soft and narrow 2in1 brush and nozzle. Moreover, the product has a built-in rechargeable battery which allows you to work A7 up to 20 minutes on a single charge.


  • vacuum cleaner
  • nozzle
  • 2in1 brush
  • Additional HEPA filter
  • cleaning brush
  • charging cable
  • carrying case
  • user manual


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