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Baseus Metal Ultra Thin Car Fragrance


SKU: 7281877024939-baseus-metal-air-freshener-car-fragrance

Product Highlights




    • Brand: Baseus


    • Size: 24 x 12 x 80 mm


    • Material: Aluminum alloy + ABS + PC


    • Installation: to a ventilation grille


    • Colors: Black,Silver


The long-lasting fragrance inside the car

The surface of the fragrance tablets has micropores. It consists of miniature honeycomb holes, allowing the slow, steady emission of beautiful scent notes and spreading them throughout the interior of the car for an extended period of time.

Easy replacement of cartridges – longer use

The freshener has built-in double magnets, so you can remove the magnetic plate from the front to change the refill (without having to completely disassemble it).

Ceramic fragrance tablets

The main body of the air freshener is made of ceramic. As a result of advanced treatment, the surface of the diffuser has gained very good parameters – the fragrance is distributed evenly and for a long time.

A minimalist product mounted on a clip

The smaller size and minimalist design look make the air freshener almost invisible when mounted on a clip. It also does not block the vents.

The highest quality materials

The Baseus air freshener is made of wear-resistant and durable metal materials, better suited to the interior of modern cars.

Safe for pregnant women and babies

This air freshener is available in three fragrance versions. It is soaked in natural oils and certified by RoHS, which means full safety for pregnant women and babies.


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